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SEA STAR Youth Set V22

SEA STAR Youth Set V22

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New elastic combo strap for extra comfort and built in snorkel loop. Wide vision, silicone mask with matching dry top snorkel. Two tone, single tempered lens mask perfect for most 5-11 year olds. Dry top snorkel keeps water out. No water splashes in on surface, closes when submerged to keep water out when swimming underwater. Siliter mouthpiece. New easy kick fins come in two adjustable sizes. Comfortable foot pocket and quick disconnect straps for youth friendly use.

  • Sizes: S/M = 9-13.5 And L/Xl = 1-4
  • Single tempered lens, silicone mask
  • Elastic combo strap for extra comfort and snorkel loop
  • Dry top snorkel
  • New easy kick, lightweight fins
  • Sizes S/M= 9-13.5 L/Xl= 1-4
  • Reusable carry bag, material made from recycled water bottles

Dive into unparalleled underwater exploration with the best kids snorkeling set and elevate your child's aquatic experience.


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