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How to attach snorkel to mask with the elastic strap and loop?

You can watch this video for better understanding Here

What is the effect of blue/gold mirror lens?

The lens help to maintain the colors most quickly lost i.e. reds, oranges, yellows a little deeper than standard lens. This is nice as a snorkeler because you are often on the surface over reefs that are pretty shallow. Our lens will help maximize color

Which morrer lens should I purchase? Gold/Blue?

The gold exterior/blue interior is more ‘blueish’ to the user so in bright Caribbean sun glaring off the surface, the blue is more calming to the eyes.
While the blue exterior/gold interior is ‘brighter’ to the user. For divers/snorkelers who are using in less clear water, the gold internal lens can provide some added ‘crispness’ to the vision, similar to the yellow ‘driving lens’ or ‘shooting lens’.
This can be helpful in water that is not ‘crystal clear’.

CHROMA lens and non-fog treatment. How good is it?

Both versions come with a patented non-fog treatment that is the best in the world. You will not need to prep them before using nor use a commercial defog (or spit) when using. (Until that eventually will wear off after MANY uses.)

How do I prepare the coated lenses for initial use on my new Chroma HD mask? Toothpaste, baby shampoo, or just anti-fog?

Short answer ... Nothing needed for prep on Chroma. Ready to dive. Worlds best defog treatment, ready to go out of package.

Are all the components of the fins under warranty?

Fin straps are not warranty issues because even pro scuba fin straps will eventually break and need replacing. We find that in youth fins, if broken within 1-2 years, it is usually because the child was pulling the strap at 90 degrees away from the buckle vs straight back how they are designed.

How deep can you reasonably dive with the OMNI Integrated Combo?

Ability to comfortably, and safely, free dive underwater with OMNI is primarily related to training and experience of the user vs the limitations of the equipment.

A traditional full face snorkeling mask has twice the volume as OMNI so a number of factors prevent them from comfortable use except on the surface.

The high air volume within the mask makes it very buoyant so it wants to raise off the face.
Also, due to the high air volume inside the mask, it is impossible to exhale enough air into the mask to prevent a mask squeeze the deeper the user goes which would be done during normal freediving to compensate for the compressing air.
The biggest factor is related to the nose pocket that lets the user reach their nose to pinch and equalize air spaces using the Valsalva method. No other full face snorkeling mask has a nose pocket for equalizing AND an ultra low volume air space.

As within scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing or just swimming….’how deep’ should always be determined by your level of training, experience level, water conditions and your level of health on that specific day. OMNI is not intended to be a ‘free diving’ mask but rather an integrated mask and snorkel that users can easily and comfortably breath through their nose and/or mouth and to be able to comfortably descend underwater within their own safe depth and duration limits.

We recommend taking the FREE SDI Snorkeling course for more safety information AND then consider a PFI course with a professional instructor and training facility to gain experience with free diving under water.

What depth is the Monterey Guardian mask and snorkel permitted to go to?

MONTEREY mask and snorkel are pro-line products that meet the function and quality to scuba or free dive within sport diving limits. That being said, the gear isn’t the important deciding factor but rather the user’s training and level of experience.

Within freediving, many…if not most…drownings happen in shallow water due to ‘shallow water blackout’. And the deeper you go on scuba, the more risk is involved due to increased intake of nitrogen and added pressure on air spaces.

Our MONTEREY mask and combo are surely built to be used by experience scuba and freedivers within all sport limits BUT the most important aspect is training and experience.

For this reason, we have partnered with SDI/PFI so that any customer of ours can follow QR+ to free training by SDI. If you have more questions about depth, I would urge you to take the online course and then seek a dive professional in your area for in-person and in-water training.

Is any talc powder used or applied to your product (or any of your goggles) either during or after manufacturing?

No talc is used in GUARDIAN products. Corn starch is used to keep compressed silicone from sticking but no talc.

Are any of you products recycled?

Our bags are made using RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES,
and work flawlessly. We want to keep enjoying the water this summer, next summer, and for future generations to come: so let’s do our part to avoid pollution by reducing, reusing and recycling, especially plastic, eating seafood that’s local and sustainable, and continuing to learn about our blue ecosystems and how we can best support them.

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