We are Marine Grade Gear.

At GUARDIAN, we make pro-quality gear for active boaters, intrepid travelers and all of today's active water lifestyles.

We come from the Pro Scuba industry...teaching dive, retail sales and making scuba products for one of the largest global dive brands.

We get the little details that make or break your dive – whether it's picking out the right kind of buckle, knowing which materials work best, or designing lenses that make everything look crystal clear underwater. And when it comes to fins, we know what works. We've seen plenty that look good but just don't cut it when you're actually out there swimming.

Our gear is there for all the big moments – whether it's a dream dive vacation or just another weekend out on the water for the die-hards. We make sure that our products are comfortable and work flawlessly because we want the stories you tell to be about the amazing things you saw, not about gear that distracted you.

What Makes Us Different

Most of our products are exactly the same as what the top dive brands sell – same design, same material, made in the same factories. The only real difference is our name is on it, not theirs. But we don't just stop there. We're always cooking up something new – things that even the big brands haven't thought of yet.

Take our MAMBO MAJIK, MAMBO RIPPER, or OMNI – we launched them first, and then saw the big brands follow our lead. That's pretty cool if you ask us. We're all about pushing the envelope and making sure divers have the best time with the best gear.

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