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CHROMA HD Pro Frameless Mask

CHROMA HD Pro Frameless Mask

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Product Description

High-definition, high-tech lenses with the dual color lens. The outer mirrored lens has 9 layers of coating while the inner lens has contrasting color. When looking through both, the user enjoys improved vision and more correct color within the water column. Lenses also come with the industry's best anti-fog treatment which allows for fog-free use right out of the packaging. Pro-level quality for scuba diving or snorkeling.

  • Improved vision underwater reduced glare & UV on the surface.
  • Industry’s best no fog lens treatment.
  • Liquid silicone skirt and strap with EZ SQZ buckles.
  • Outside mirrored lens with contrasting inner color.
  • Patented high definition, dual color coated lens.

Pro Scuba And Snorkeling Mask. Dual color non-fogging HD lens. High definition 9-layer coated lens. Gold mirrored on outside, a blue colored inner lens on inside. This unique optional process improves vision while giving improved color correction within shallow depths.

Packaging  - Pro Case



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